Sans Peur Psychotherapy was set up and is run by Doug Sutherland.

He chose the name from the Sutherland Clan motto: Sans Peur meaning Without Fear.

​“It’s unrealistic for people to live entirely without fear. It's a natural and normal feeling.

It helps to protect us and keep us safe but in all its different forms it can stop us from

living the lives we want, from achieving our aims, from speaking our truth and may stop

us asking for the help we deserve. I strive to create an environment which is safe, where

people are heard and respected for who they are. A place where people can learn new coping skills and develop healthy ways to manage their lives."

Doug is a warm and engaging person​ who connects to people through empathy, compassion and understanding. "Probably the biggest single thing my clients have taught me is that human beings have an immense capacity for change. If someone tells you that a leopard can't change their spots, don't believe them." He earned his (Hons) degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy from The University of Nottingham in the UK and is an experienced Psychotherapist who has worked for many years in the helping profession.

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