"Doug has a unique ability to show you empathy whilst also taking a no-nonsense approach. He was able to call me out when necessary whilst also listening to me share my deepest darkest secrets. I have seen many counsellors in the past, but Doug was the first and only counsellor I met where when I talked about how I felt, he was able to genuinely relate and finally, I didn’t have to feel as if I was the odd one out in this world. ​I had some very entrenched resentments to deal with which I don’t believe I would have been able to move past without Doug’s help. He helped me to accept that there are some things in life which can’t be changed but that those things do not need to define me. I no longer feel like I need to escape and I am able to face life." D. Australia

"I am really grateful to him for helping me. Our counseling sessions were amazing. He could always find the right balance to achieve maximum efficiency while keeping my emotional and psychological state intact.

Doug is an expert counselor, but probably even more important; he has loads of life experience to share and to compare with - he knows what he's talking about. This is a key factor because I had dealt with doctors and shrinks previously and

didn't get much out of it due to their lack of deep, profound understanding.

Doug has an amazing sense of humour – we had quite a few good laughs, despite the very nature of undergoing counseling sessions, which is getting out of the comfort zone. I had absolute trust in him and together we worked out some very deep stuff. I highly recommend Doug's services to anyone who wants to work out some issues or discover oneself. He is professional, experienced, trustworthy and – above all – humane." Y. England

"I had reached a low point in my life and was well on the way to giving up entirely. Doug never forced anything on me and didn't insist. We looked at issues in my past and he showed me how these affected me. He was kind but firm, pushed me to go places, gently but firmly and didn't take any of my usual manipulation. I can say he has helped me to conquer my issues and has helped me change my life to a life full of joy and freedom.

Getting help was the best thing I have ever done." M. Spain

“I found myself without the will to live after losing my job and isolating myself from everyone that knew me as I was very depressed. With the help of my family, I agreed to go into therapy and found my way into Doug's counseling room.

I am very poor at expressing my feelings and Doug didn’t push me until I was ready to share. Without knowing it I was pouring my heart out to him which I had never done before as he made our one to one counselling meetings a very safe place to be. With his guidance and support, I have a purpose in life again and the will to live and look for the things in life that make me happy. I have a better understanding of what I need to enjoy life.

One of my key goals in life now is to work to live and not live to work which was my downfall in the past. I would suggest to anyone who has lost there way and requires guidance to contact Doug as he put me on the right track and I’m holding my own again now, thanks Doug” P. Ireland

"I cannot recommend Doug highly enough as a counsellor. I thank my lucky stars that I found Doug to be my counsellor, I was a complete wreck, friends described me as a train crash! I felt safe with Doug and poured my heart out, I cried like a baby, I laughed, I argued but he saw me through it all with kindness, compassion, empathy and wise words.

Above all he saw things in me that I couldn't, slowly I began to realise I wasn't the failure that I always believed I was.

I am where I am today because Doug believed in me and had faith in me. I have kept up sessions by phone, they are

very important to me. I have seen many counsellors in my time, all I can say is I wish I had found Doug earlier.

Make contact with Doug now you won't regret it.  C. England

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